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WildBoar Reserve is located approximately 60 miles north-west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Only a 2 hours drive from the US border.  We are close to Mount Forest or about 30 miles north of Guelph, Ontario.  You don't want to miss hunting with us!

Mailing Address :                    Tony ToiVonen

WildBoar Reserve
111173 SouthGate SideRoad 11
RR2, Conn
Ontario, N0G 1N0

Phone: (519) 323-3506

For driving directions to wild boar outfitter, see our map:

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If you would like the actual driving time and directions from your location to WildBoar Reserve, click here and we are located just north of HighWay 89, at the tip of the arrow on the map.

Local weather forecast.

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Visitors to date (since Nov 11, 2004).

P.S. Replace word hunting with harvesting on this web site because you are guaranteed to have your wild boar in the bush for your harvest.

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