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Club Tusks


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Wildlife Hunting Opportunities:     From $795 / year

Secluded, private properties located in WMU 82A offers our exclusive club members opportunities for a great hunt on wildlife abundant lands.   Become a member of an exclusive club.  Join ClubTusks and hunt over 550 acres.

Hunt massive white tailed deer, giant rabbits (jacks, snowshoes, cotton tails), plump wild turkey, ducks, geese, huge grouse, pheasant, etc.  You'll have ample space to hunt on your own as there are only a very limited number of members in the club.

ClubTusks has a beautiful, rustic ,  very cozy and comfortable Log  Chalet.  There in the warmth from the flames you can reminisce the day's excitements.

For more details on memberships please email Club Tusks.

A membership fee includes superior liability insurance provided by National Firearms Association  (NFA) - we'll sign you up.  You will also be provided with an aerial map of the properties to hunt.

ClubTusks also offers a full service package or services as you wish.  Pick up your deer with ATV, skin, field dress and cape it, and/or take to our butcher for cutting and wrapping and/or take the cape to our taxidermist for professional mounting.

Some of this year's season are as follows check with 2005 Hunting Regulations Summary at: www.mnr.gov.on.ca/MNRpubs/pubmenu.html#hunting

                    Deer 'Rifle':  Nov. 7 - 11, 2007

                    Deer 'Muzzle':  Dec. 5 - 9, 2007

                    Deer 'Archery':  Oct. - Dec. 2007

                    Duck/Geese:  Sept. 24 - Dec. 20, 2007 (check dates)

                    Grouse:  Sept. 24, 2005 - Jan. 15, 2008

                    Pheasant:  Sept. 24, 2005 - Feb. 28, 2008

                    Turkey:  Apr. 25 - May 31, 2008

                    Red Fox/Skunk/Coyote:  Year Round

All properties of ClubTusks have water (either creeks or ponds) which attracts wildlife and adds to the excitement of the hunt.  The MNR has offered a limited number of second deer tags from August 8 - 31 for this area (WMU 82A).  There is an abundance of deer!  The properties are located north east of Mount Forest by about 15 minutes.

Overnight accommodations are available.